Monday, October 29, 2012

Intercommunication - get all the information

One of the things I keep meaning to do is make some of my work available.  And the key concept that I have developed recently that I find has incredible utility in the study of new media is intercommunication.  Here we have the blend between media and communication, the highly mediated and the interpersonal and how these are all part of online and mobile culture. Indeed, what I claim is that we need to think about the Intercommunication industry as opposed to the media industry to fully grasp the movement of information and entertainment in contemporary culture via social media in all its manifestations.  In any case, I wrote something for last year's ICA conference and here is the version of that in all its glory.  Check out The Intercommunication Challenge. If you do happen to read it, tell me what you think.  I am eager to expand the concept and build on its utility.