Monday, October 29, 2012

Intercommunication - get all the information

One of the things I keep meaning to do is make some of my work available.  And the key concept that I have developed recently that I find has incredible utility in the study of new media is intercommunication.  Here we have the blend between media and communication, the highly mediated and the interpersonal and how these are all part of online and mobile culture. Indeed, what I claim is that we need to think about the Intercommunication industry as opposed to the media industry to fully grasp the movement of information and entertainment in contemporary culture via social media in all its manifestations.  In any case, I wrote something for last year's ICA conference and here is the version of that in all its glory.  Check out The Intercommunication Challenge. If you do happen to read it, tell me what you think.  I am eager to expand the concept and build on its utility.


  1. Hey David, I've just finished reading your paper, I really think it's an amazing framework both in its simplicity and elegance. It's simple to use as a model of the new and emerging media landscape, and yet I can see the potential for your framework to encapsulate and clearly define the new dynamics through the concepts of Intercommunication and micro-publics. Those concepts help visualizing the dynamics of social networks like Facebook and Myspace, and Jean Baudrillard amongst other postmodernists did play around this idea of presentation (hyperreality) replacing replacing representation, so it all quickly makes sense, more so than other frameworks I've encountered (mainly Actor-Network Theory).

    I recently finished 'Celebrity and Power' and I was wondering if you could address how you see the affect fitting in the interplay of mediums within interpersonal communications happening in intercommunication, mainly could you elaborate on the Scripting Theory, and/or taking a news item and retracing how it change meaning as it moves from representational sphere into the of sphere of presentation. I'm not too familiar with Affect Theory, I'd love for you to decode some examples of scenes/scripts representative of the affective economy that is taking shape within the emerging space of Intercommunication.

    And also, how do you see the celebrity sign negotiating its power within this new dynamic? Twitter seems to have been a more natural fit for celebrities to engage in parasocial interactions but it seems inevitable that Facebook could somehow be powerful in allowing people those celebrity signs as forms of presentations, mainly through some form of judgement of their actions in the private sphere, or basically gossiping with their friends, but I have yet to see that happen amongst my facebook friends, and I doubt it's a dominant feature of most facebook micro-publics. What do you see as a potential catalyst for that to happen?

    Thanks again.

    1. Gareth - thanks for your comments. i apologise for the tardiness in my response. I have been getting back to my research and developing certain things further and hadn't returned to my own site for awhile.
      Affect theory and its value in interpreting how the movement of a particular news item moves into the interpersonal realm is definitely undertheorised and studied. The key point is that the story is personalised in its value - the exchange is thus mediated by the individual who has linked it or shared it and thereby given it significance. The interpersonal dimension is at least an entreaty to response - an affect leaning if you like on the bonds of friendship and association.
      Your second question is equally interesting and provocative. Celebrity is a system of hierarchising individuality - and now we have social networks involved in the process of hierarchizing individual significance and value. These social media do not necessarily change who we are drawn to, but, once again, they personalise the journey to involvement through communicative processes as opposed to fan-like imaginary connections. I would agree with you that celebrities are not necessarily the source for continuing gossip, but it is there and what we are seeing is regular twitter flashpoints ( think of Justin Bieber or perhaps the former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes who went off the rails publicly via Twitter). so, the catalyst will be these larger flame-out events that celebrities will do online as a way of acting out.
      Very interesting - what are you working on? And sorry for not responding earlier

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