Thursday, March 23, 2017

Gestural Communication and Emoji culture

What is a gesture?  How do we express our emotional state?

I am beginning some research on gestural communication. it is important to recognise that this is a building phenomenon in our contemporary online, social media and mobile forms of communication.  Some of this research can be understood as the emergence from emoticons to emojis and stickers in text-based and image based interpersonal and intercommunicative communication.

What follows here is in support of my first presentation/seminar in this interesting research space that informs our personas in so many ways. More detail is actually in the presentation which can be found here in the actual prezi. What follows are the animated gifs and memes which describe the extensions of gestural communication as they move through and in some ways get more complex as patterned glyphs where the specific "tribe" in contemporary culture appreciate them and, more importantly, understand them. There is much more to come in this work, but this is a start. Enjoy the Stickers  - the rolling gifs and meme gifs that surround and inhabit this post - take a look at the presentation, and of course, tell me what you think....  I am looking to collectively advance on this and need to hear what many others think of this.


  1. I'm very intrigued by this effort. I've done some work with gestural rhetoric in various forms, from its use in hip-hop (in a chapter called From Marcy to Madison Square: The Rise of the JayZ Brand in the book, Star Power: The Impact of Branded Celebrity, Praeger Press 2014), to the type of gestures needed for navigating interfaces built for large touch screens (a project called The Library Machine), to tracking gestures in early cinema (using motion capture to reproduce them). Gestural communication seems increasingly important in the era of algorithms and, as you note, they are building in really interesting ways. I'd love to talk at some point!

    1. Good comment Virginia - tell me more about gestural rhetoric...

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